Schneider releases IP65 MDrive integrated motors

March 20, 2015 – Schneider releases IP65 MDrive integrated motors for motion applications requiring sealing against dust and moisture. IP65 sealed units are available for all NEMA23 Lexium MDrive products with M12 circular connectors, for networks operating over EthernetTCP/IP and CANopen. Two RS-422/485 versions are also available: fully programmable motion control and pulse/direction input.

M12 Lexium MDrive products integrate high-torque step motor, controller, I/O, drive electronics, encoder and closed-loop performance in compact packages for a wide range of motion applications, MDrive products are applied in industries from medical, labratory and pharmaceutical to assembly, robotics and packaging.

“MDrive customers expect the highest quality, and I am pleased to announce we are raising the bar again,” said Paul Kling, VP Sales, SEM USA. “Today we have 1000s of sealed MDrive custom units operating around the globe. Deciding to include IP65 as a standard feature for all M12 Lexium MDrive products is another example of our ongoing committment to integrated motor excellence.”

About Schneider Electric Motion USA

SEM USA [formerly IMS] is a division of Schneider Electric, a global corporation with operations in more than 100 countries offering integrated solutions across multiple market segments. Our commitment is to provide innovative motion control solutions, exceptional quality and best-in-class customer service.schneiderschneider

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